Addressing Covid-19 pandemic globally in true Rotary spirit

Addressing Covid-19 Pandemic Globally in True Rotary Spirit

Rotary unites more than 1.2 million members and 35,000 clubs across the world creating long-lasting change in communities and society. A group of people like neighbors, friends, professionals, leaders with different perspectives join together as a Club to take any action towards a set goal to solve the universal problem.

At the current situation, we all understand the impact of the global COVID -19 crisis, and the way Rotary takes responsible initiatives in responding to this crisis with safe and appropriate actions for the communities they serve is really inspiring.

The Lockdowns which were put to reduce the impact of COVID-19 had savior imbalance in the global economy and were experienced more with the small and middle-income groups as they struggled to get the minimum essential daily commodities to live and be safe.

So far we are yet to see the solution for the treatment of Corona and It becomes the responsibility of each one to follow the precautionary measures in stopping the spreading of the deadly disease. Rotary Club takes all possible initiatives driving the communities and society towards safe living & addressing the CoVID-19 impact globally. Rotarians have demonstrated resilience towards the challenges by taking appropriate steps to handle the pandemic. The Rotary Foundation is more than 100 years old and has faced many challenges over global disasters devastating the world.

The below are few measures adopted by Rotary Clubs in delivering the best services during the COVID-19 pandemic globally.

➤ Monitor & follow World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updates and recommendations to ensure the standard safety and appropriate actions to be taken for their members and the communities they serve.
➤ Most of the Rotarian’s hospitals are converted into a COVID treatment center & emergency isolation centers.
➤ Distribution of Grocery Bags, Sanitary Kits, Medicines, Masks, and Hand Sanitizers to the needy.
➤ Supporting Medical Emergencies during the lockdown period.
➤ Funded more than $20 million Disaster Response Grants to handle the Pandemic situations Globally & initiated accumulating huge donations from all other entities to handle the COVID 19 pandemic.
➤ Reaching out people & migrants in distress irrespective of status and extended the essential help required.
➤ Forming COVID Emergency Response Team to support COVID warriors.
➤ Observing and implementing the required norms of safe distancing and hygiene.
➤ Inspiring & educating the community on resuming back to the methods of earnings for their living.
➤ Rotary clubs around the globe are using their ingenuity and flexibility to help people to stay connected. and finding community solutions to community challenges by uniting Rotary members with nonmembers to make a positive difference.
➤ Assisting health authorities in communicating lifesaving information on COVID-19 and donating protective gear and other supplies to medical centers that are under strain due to pandemic.
➤ Using technology to connect to the members around the globe & address the crises in time.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Guide for Rotary Clubs

➤ Onsite Rotary Meetings, Conferences, or Public Events should be suspended until further notice.
➤ Internal Meetings to be conducted electronically via conference call or video link.
➤ It is recommended that Rotary members should follow the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and your national, regional, or local health authorities to protect the health and safety of members and program participants.

How to handle COVID-19 Anxiety – Few tips from Rotarians.

Feeling anxiety than usual due to the COVID-19 situation when infected or primary and secondary contact is expected. People will face the loss of income, shortage of food supplies, and social isolation. We should develop an adaptive response that prepares people to overcome the situation. Below are some tips for dealing with COVID-19 anxiety which is recommended by a few experts and Rotarians.

➤ Regular exercise, like daily walking or cycling, yoga, and meditation can reduce anxiety.
➤ Stay connected socially through convenient media so that you can express your problems and thoughts with your friends, relatives, and dearest ones instead of being fully isolated.
➤ Cultivate a healthy lifestyle like spending time in contact with nature, maintaining a regular sleep pattern, having regular leisure time, eating regular meals.
➤ There is a lot of uncertainty due to COVID -19 which we have to accept and be cautious instead of getting Panic.

Rotarians are the visionaries for the better world extending their strengths and compassion to continue facing the future with new hopes and inspiration.

We being part of the growing society should be thankful to every Rotarian and the Rotary Clubs that respond to every global and local problem in a collaborative approach delivering added value to humanity & the environment inspiring the next generation in setting up a better world.

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